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Work Less Hours & Increase Bottom Line Profits, Guaranteed!

The time is now to create powerful results within your business!  Make confident business decisions by working with a coach that has practical proven methods that will get you closer to your personal, business and financial goals.  By being open to sitting down with Bob and going over some useful ideas on how to make your 2018 and beyond the best business years ever, all you need to do is give him a call at (303) 587-8714 or a quick email by clicking here.  

Business Development Grants ~

Up to $2,000. cash grants & other assistance programs available for eligible businesses:
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Business Development Grants



Bob Liebhauser is an ActionCOACH Business Coach which means when you’re working with him his services are guaranteed.  After you listen to the client testimonials video below click the guarantee image to find out how Bob cuts down your risk by giving you the confidence to make the right business decision.


So, What can you expect from our coaching relationship…

Here are some of the areas we will work on together…

  • Creating a Vision, Mission, Culture and Purpose for your business
  • Building and systemizing a Marketing Plan to generate more qualified leads
  • Developing a Sales Process to increase our conversion rates from lead to customer
  • Building a collaborative team that is running the business for us
  • Work towards Financial Mastery where we review accurate timely financials
  • We will put a KPI (Key Performance Indicators) program in place to measure weekly activity and results
  • Work on leverage strategies to give you more time and more life
  • Doing a Business Valuation so we know the current value and where we have to go
  • Working on your management, leadership, skills and knowledge

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