Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

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The time is now to create powerful results within your business!  Make confident business decisions by working with a coach that has practical proven methods that will get you closer to your personal, business and financial goals.  By being open to sitting down with Bob and going over some useful ideas on how to make your 2011 and beyond the best business years ever, all you need to do is give him a call at (303) 587-8714 or a quick email by clicking here.  

Business Development Grants ~

Up to $2,000. cash grants & other assistance programs available for eligible businesses:
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Business Development Grants


Bob Liebhauser is an ActionCOACH Business Coach which means when you’re working with him his services are guaranteed.  After you listen to the client testimonials video below click the guarantee image to find out how Bob cuts down your risk by giving you the confidence to make the right business decision.  Guarantee



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So, What is a Coach?

 Here´s what you’ll discover as you begin to transform your business with ActionCOACH Bob Liebhauser…

• How to build any business by focusing on 5 key "drivers" (and revenue isn´t one of them)
• How you can implement two strategies today can set your business up to "win big" in the next 90-days
• Where to find the best talent to leverage your efforts – and keep your best employees happy and productive
• How to double your business AND work 500 hours less in 2011
• How to turn Pareto´s "80/20" rule to your advantage – in every area of your business and your life
• How to implement a proven and systemized, step-by-step approach to guarantee a steady flow of prospects looking for your goods and services…and more.

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Let us show you how we helped hundreds of businesses like yours to overcome their business challenges and achieve their financial and business objectives. As an ActionCOACH business coach, I work with you to identify areas that prevent your business from prospering. We improve your business plan and establish priorities. With your commitment of just 2 hours next week, we can work together on the first key steps to transform your company into a profitable business that works without you! 

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How Does ActionCOACH Work?

Systems and Business DevelopmentLet ActionCOACH’s proven 6 Steps to a Better Business Model streamline your business and processes. I have worked with hundreds of clients to improve their efficiency and procedures. This resulted in increased cash flow and profitability. Let me help you improve yours.

Team Building and Recruitment – Learning to hire the right people the first time will improve your business by saving money, contributing to team-building, and decreasing your training time. I will help you write accurate, detailed job descriptions. We will fill those jobs with qualified, motivated people, building a great team for your business.

Customer ServiceNumerous surveys show that many business owners don’t know what their customers say about their service. Some are afraid to find out; some just do not have time to ask. A successful business is built on excellent customer service. McDonald’s is one company I’ve assisted in identifying customer needs and improving their ability to meet those needs. I will help you and your team learn how to provide exceptional customer service in every transaction.

Marketing and AdvertisingWe will develop a successful marketing and advertising plan to find new customers and increase your customer base. We will implement an action plan to increase your revenues.

Sales With a strong record of improving sales and profits for my clients, I will assist you in growing your revenues, sales and profits.